Pine is any of various evergreen trees of the genus “pinus”. these trees have needle-shaped leaves that grow in clusters, and they also bear cones. Pine wood is soft, fine, and of uniform texture. Its color ranges from creamy white to light brown, and usually yellows with age. Pine wood is believed to symbolize healing, fertility, protection and money. It produces wood flooring that is uniform in texture but sometimes strongly marked with annual rings. It dries easily and does not shrink or swell greatly with changes in moisture content.

Pine wood is commercially among the most important of species used for timber in temperate and tropical regions of the world. Many are grown as a source of wood pulp for paper manufacture. This is because they are fast-growing softwoods that can be planted in relatively dense stands, and because their acidic decaying needles may inhibit the growth of other competing plants in the cropping areas. A typical example is Pinus radiata. Some species have large seeds, called pine nuts, that are harvested and sold for cooking and baking. Some pines are used for Christmas trees, and pine cones are also widely used for Christmas decorations. Many pines are also very attractive ornamental trees planted in parks and large gardens. Pine trees are of course also famous for their pleasant smell which is inherited by their products.