Kempas wood flooring is a course grained and very hard. The sapwood of Kempas is yellow to pale white, while the heartwood is generally pink to reddish colour wood, with medium graining, that is widely used for flooring in the Far East. Kempas wood offers a wide range of colour variability from a pale pink-tan colour to a medium dark-reddish colour and undergoes a medium degree of muting of the colour range over time and a slight darkening to a medium reddish colour.

Kempas wood flooring has a natural resistance to decay. The wood remains smooth under friction and is reported to have no discernable odour. Kempas dries rather easily and is compact, hard and heavy. That is why it is most hardwearing hardwood floor species in our collection. In addition, Kempas wood is highly decorative with its understated patterns flickering in tones of brandy and dark rum. Its dark tones also lend deep glow to the other colours in the d├ęcor.

Kempas grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Sumatra and is much harder than most of the red or white oaks.

As a flooring option Kempas is a hard and durable wood with strong tensile performance after being dried. It is nearly identical in hardness to African Padauk, is roughly eighteen percent harder than hard maple, about one third harder than red oak, and approaches eighty percent of Santos Mahogany’s ranking of 2200.

Kempas’s principal uses include flooring, chairs, shingles, cabinets, and veneer. When working with Kempas flooring pre-boring is suggested but the wood holds nails well once applied. Glue also holds well with kempas flooring. This species sands well but does require some filling to ensure a good polish.