Cherry has cream colored sapwood which contrasts sharply with the reddish heartwood. In the heartwood the color can range from a pinkish red to darker red. North American Cherry also has small dark brown gum veins that are part of the character of this species.

Cherry undergoes an extreme degree of color change with pronounced darkening from a pale pink color when fresh milled to a dark reddish color when fully aged. This process occurs within a few weeks in direct sunlight and by oxidation, out of sunlight, over a six to eight month period.

Cherry can be described as a moderately hard and heavy wood; it is strong and stiff making it an ideal choice for wood flooring. Its solid structure makes Cherry highly resistant to shock and damage.

Cherry wood flooring is famed for its grain as much as its warm, homely colors. Each board features a fine, closed grain. Cherry takes a finish very well, however light to natural finishes are recommended.

Cherry is commonly used for high end furniture, cabinets, interior millwork and flooring due to its distinctive characteristics. Beautiful markings, gum streaks and pin knots all help to make Cherry the unique choice that it is. Coupled with the rich, almost majestic look of its aged red / brown colors Cherry is ideal in any situation